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Small Jobs - In cases where the job may be something simple, we require a brief description from you of what you would like done and then we measure up your proposed project. We can then accurately quote you on your project. Often for these cases we can give you a quote the  same time as the meeting or have a next day turnaround

Jobs from the Start - Many of our clients start out knowing only that they want something done and are not sure of the full scope of the projector or even what they can do. We can help you get started and take you right through your project, from concept and design to layouts and to finished construction. We take you step by step through the process until you get what you are looking for. We make full notes of any ideas you have and give any ideas we have on the project. From there we put together a proposal based on your initial guide. In most cases the first step is just setting out the idea so you can understand costs and so we can refine and finalize based on your wants/needs. From this point if you choose to work with us, DCR will work with you to personally design your space or meet with the designer/architect of your preference to finalize the details. Then moving forward we will edit and adjust our final quotation based on the finalized plans.

Existing Plans - If a set of plans/blueprints already exists DCR will give you a detailed quote based on the set of plans/work detail.

In All Cases -

• We will prepare a detailed scope of work proposal with pricing.

• Quotes are free, so is the initial consultation. All in all we will meet with you a few times before construction even begins.

• We will revise an estimate for free as many times as needed.

• All Estimates are no hassle. If you decide not to do the work its not a problem.

• Before Getting started with any project, big or small, we will again go over a quote with you in a detailed manner and make sure you understand everything you are receiving.

• No work happens without a written, signed off on quotation.

• Unless you want any changes/revisions to a quote or something beyond our control happens during the project we make sure to stick to our finalized quote.

• Once construction has begun we keep you abreast of everything going on with your project.

• We will answer any questions you have about process or anything to do with your project, No question is a wrong or silly question.

• You deal with the same person that came out to the original estimate throughout the whole project.

• Unless material has to be pre ordered we will not take payment until the day we start the project.

• We do not use sub contractors for most of our work. Most jobs are taken care of totally in house, except where our liscenced plumber and electrician or a specialty trade is needed.

• All work is guaranteed under our industry standard quality workmaship warranty and comes with a written guarantee

How we do it  - After making an appointment for your Free estimate, we will come down and take a look at your potential project. We will first assess what it is you want for your project and look at things like the scope of your project and what you as a potential client have for expectations, concerns and budget.


At DeVries Construction & Renovation our process for each project is as unique as each of its clients. Whether your project entails custom construction, refurbishment, Upgrades or any amount of renovation, we can provide you with a cost estimate, a detailed scope of work, and the materials needed.